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Play DADGAD - Simon Fox

3(c) Harp Style -  CD Examples and Chords



The tablature and tunes from the Night Fishing and A Winter's Tale CDs have many examples of the harp technique. Nearly every tune uses it to some extent. Here are some interesting examples to look at and try out.

Tune Name Harpy Bits Album Name
A Winter’s Tale Measures 1 to 16 A Winter's Tale
Tromso Measures 6 to 11 A Winter's Tale
The Ullapool Decision Measures 1 to 19 Night Fishing
Airwell Measures 21 to 44 Night Fishing
Night Fishing All Night Fishing
Sleep All Night Fishing
Eleven Icebergs Measures 67 to 92 Night Fishing

Harpy Chords

To help get some new ideas working quickly here are some interesting chord shapes that are suited to harp style guitar. There is no need to hold the full chord down during a run. The harp effect works as long as at least one note is sounding at any time. Fingers can be lifted off once played to free the left hand to move towards the next fingerings or positions.

An example of this can be found in the tablature for “Night Fishing” at measure 9 which uses the Bmin7,add9 chord below which expands the fingering into the top strings. Another very similar example is “Airwell” at measure 26.

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